A pirate adventure is fun for all

A boating adventure on Malmö’s canals is fit for all pirates, big and small. It’s a highly appreciated family activity that creates happy memories. You decide for yourselves at what pace and where you want to go. Perhaps a good choice for the next birthday party?


During summer and fall, curious ducklings and other birds like to bring a closer visit to the boats.

A secret treasure of golden nuggets filled with chocolate is a usual favourite when one goes on a pirates quest…

If someone aboard drank too much pirate juice, you can easily dock the boat at several places around the canal to bring a quick visit to a public toilet. A map is included in all boats

Add the option “Treasure chest” when you book to get access to pirate flaggs, hats (in children’s and grown up’s sizes) and more. For even more piratey atmosphere, add some pirate tattoos from for example the Buttericks party store not far from our dock.

Ambitious pirate parents can create their own treasure map by e.g. dipping the paper in some tea, let it dry and burn the edges.

Pirates think about safety. Life jackets in all sizes are available at our jetty.

Just like on the Swedish roads, boat traffic on the canal keeps to the right.

Food & drink

Cannon balls (=meat balls) decorated with small pirate flags

Skewers that are easy to eat with your hands

Drinks in bottles with homemade labels containing skulls, maps and boats

Coconut to drink from and fresh pineapple as a tropical snack

Candy – liquorice skulls and salty Swedish fish



  • The fountain machine
    Here our heroes can be challenged by land-rats passing by. If the pirate ship sails close to the fountain when someone presses the button on the control box next to the canal, there is a small risk that our pirates will receive a mini-shower. Will they dare to take the risk?
  • Fersens bridge
    With the help of the acoustics underneath this bridge, our pirates can try out their very best pirate-songs that will scare away all other canal sailors. By the way, can you count the number of fishheads on the side of the bridge?
  • Jetty at the castle gardens
    The perfect place for our pirates to take a break from pirating, and moor their boat for a well-deserved snack