Good times with the team

Time for an innovative team activity? Or an amazing after work to spend some quality time with colleagues in Malmös finest outdoor environment? Then a boat trip suits perfectly! With space for 10-12 people each, you can use our boats to sail with up to 50-60 people at once.


Turn your boat trip into a fun team challenge! Create your own company quiz with questions about the company history, memorable events and colleagues.

If you need multiple boats, make sure to book in time – especially during the weeks before summer holidays.

A map is included aboard all boats.

There are several places along the canal where you can moor for a quick pit stop at public toilets. Visit our digital map of the canals with points of interest and other useful places.

Would you like a helping hand at the jetty, a captain aboard  who drives the boat or use the boats in any specific way during an event? Contact us to customize your experience!

Just like on the Swedish roads, traffic on the canal drives on the right.

 Food & drinks

What’s an after work without snacks? Crisps, a mixture of nuts and fruits or other goodies are always appreciated. 

Different types of smörrebröd are very suitable when your crew is starting to get somewhat hunrgy right after work but when it is not time for dinner just yet.

Mix your own maritime cocktails to turn your activity into a proper sophisticated boating event. Inspiration abounds on the interwebs – how about a Sea Breeze, or a Dark & Stormy?



  • Fountain street
    Presuming the fountains are switched on, this is a great place to test which of your team members is the best navigator. Who is able to steer the boat underneath the fountains without soaking the crew? Warning: keep electronics and valuables covered…
  • Jetty at Casino Cosmopol
    This pontoon jetty is a good stop in case one of your sailors needs to visit the restroom. There are public toilets at the backside of the casino, just a minute from the jetty.