Timeless design

Our boats’ elegant lines follow the classic Dutch tradition of a sloop. Thoughtful details like the rope fender and the large wooden rudder contribute to the boat’s elegance, as well as making it easy to sail for everyone. This timeless design is combined with the use of modern materials, an electric drivetrain and smart communication technology. With their durability, the boats are built to last for decades to come.


The boats are very spacious with room for up to 12 people. The table in the middle is perfect for drinks or a picnic, while there is enough space around it to stretch your legs and don’t feel squeezed in. The large rudder and speed lever make it a breeze for the captain to keep control of the boat’s direction and speed. We also put carabiner hooks on the rope ends so you don’t need to worry about tying knots but can just click the hooks into the rings on our dock and at several mooring place around town.


Many practical details on board enhance your urban boating experience. In the front of the boat and under the rear seating, storage space is available where you can temporarily store bags or other belongings. In case you bring a stroller it will fit in between the seats in front of the table so your little one can comfortably continue napping. The charging cable won’t be in your way, but can be retracted into the table just like a vacuum cleaner cable. All these details help you focus on what is the most important: the beautiful surroundings and your friends on board.

Rymliga elbåtar

Table and leg space

The table in the middle is perfect for food and drinks while still leaving space for you to stretch your legs or e.g. bring a stroller.
Förvaring i fören

Store your stuff

Storage space in the front and back keep your belongings safe and out of the way.
Enkelt att köra våra elbåtar

Super simple controls

A simple gas lever gives you full control of the boat’s speed and direction. Push it forward to go forward, backwards to go back. It’s that simple.
Även barn kan prova att styra

Easy does it

The captain should be at least 18 years old, but with some adult supervision even young captains can take charge of the large wooden rudder. That’s how easy it is to drive the boat.
Elkabeln rullas med ett lätt ryck in i båten

Roll 'm in!

With just a short pull, the charging cable retracts into the side of the table, just like a vacuum cleaner cable.
Karbinhake för att enkelt lägga till

Hook 'm up!

The carabiner hooks make it super simple to moor the boat. Just click them into the rings placed on our dock or at other landing places spread out in the canal

Smart technology for a sustainable and safe experience

Silent and fossil-free electric motor

The boats are equipped with an aircooled 2,3 kW 1080 RPM electric engine by Heinzmann, powered by electricity generated from wind. The engine and the rest of the drivetrain is integrated in the hull of the boat instead of placed outboard on the back of the boat. This gives the boat a much better weight balance, making it very stable in the water and easy to control.

 All charged up for your trip

An 11,5 kWh battery pack ensures a sailing time of 14 hours straight, enough for a full day of non-stop sailing on the canals. The batteries are charged overnight and in between trips via the CEE-socket on our jetty, to which you connect the power plug that’s on the side of the table on the boat.

Always connected

Since the boats have a network connection, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control for starting the engine. You’ll receive an SMS 15 minutes before your departure time with a link to the boat control center, where you activate your boat. A blue light next to the battery indicator show the status of the drive train – if it’s blue that means the boat is activated and you’re ready to sail off.

Safety first, even in the dark

The integrated 12V LED lights in the front and back, in the rudder, are switched on as soon as the boat is activated. These bright lights make sure that you can sail the boat safely even after you caught that amazing sunset from the water.

Quality in the details

Sittdynor med flytförmåga


Use of seating cushions and blankets are included in your booking. You can get them from the storage boxes on our jetty before you start your trip, as well as from the boat’s front storage space. Each boat has 6 cushions available.

Flytvästar för stora och små finns att låna

Life jackets

In case you need them, life jackets in a variety of sizes are available for borrowing from the storage boxes on our jetty. In case you require many of the same size, it is recommended to bring extras of your own – please check with us for availability.

Piratflagga förhöjer känslan


Wave a Swedish or pirate flag? Show your heritage by waving your own country’s flag? Or show the locals your respect with a Scania regional flag? You can choose from a selection of different boat flags.


A laminated map will help you plan your trip. The map shows sailing times for different routes, shows points of interest and mooring places along the canal.