We are the first self-serviced electrical boat rental in the Nordics

Who doesn’t like to hang out with family, friends or colleagues on a wonderful day in the sun? Maybe with a picnic and something nice to drink? Preferably close to the water, as an adventure or as something relaxed? And at the same time doing it in an environmentally friendly electric boat, with virtually no noise from the engine? Without the fuzz, no sails to take care of or expensive smelly boat fuel?

That’s exactly what we thought too and that is why we started BookaBoat in 2015. Our idea is to help people to hang out and enjoy life for a moment. We do that by providing splendid and self-serviced electrical boats in the canals of Malmö. Easy, flexible, spontaneous. It is our hope that this service can be available for as many as possible, and give everyone the opportunity to create their own new lovely memories. We think we are getting there. Thousands of people have now taken trips in our boats, among them we have had several marriage proposals (with a 100% success rate!) and bridal couples that have used our classy boats to make their special day a little extra unforgettable.

René Nordstrand Heunen
Gustav Widerström

Green and clean

Our boats are 100% electric and the electricity we use is 100% produced from wind power. By using our boats you contribute to keep emission in the city center down and also help minimize noise pollution. Our jetty has a special construction which decreases the impact on the environment and when in the future it is time to scrap it, more of the materials can be recycled from it.

For a vibrant Malmö

We love Malmö and like to contribute to making the town vibrant and alive. This city has something unique in its canals, the longest usable in Sweden while at the same time people don´t tend to think of Malmö as a city with canals. What opportunities could be developed originating from the canals to enrich the city centre creating both joy and value for us living here? With BookaBoat we want to combine Malmö´s maritime history with the city´s current character as a hotspot for digital service development to explore this and increase the awareness about the incredible potential with the canals.

The people behind BookaBoat

We, the founders of BookaBoat, are René Nordstrand Heunen and Gustav Widerström.

René has his origin in the Netherlands, came to Malmö in 2012 and has since many years been engaged in the areas of energy and sustainable transportation.

Gustav is born and raised in Malmö. He is a real game geek and an entrepreneur with innovation running in his veins.

We like to make things happen and to contribute to our society and local neighborhood. If you have an idea that involves our boats or the canals of Malmö, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At your service

We are here if you want to get in contact with us. We always answer during our opening hours (9 AM – 9 PM, April – October).

In the rare circumstances that we do not answer your phone call directly, we are probably busy in another call or helping out at our jetty. Call again or leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Outside standard opening hours we respond according to availability.

Telephone: +46 40 – 643 48 81  (Note: no SMS)
Email: info@bookaboat.se
Facebook Messenger: @bookaboatsweden

Address (jetty)
Norra Vallgatan 93, Malmö

Address (mail, shipments)
Einar Hansens esplanad 45 lgh 1405, SE-211 13, Malmö, Sweden

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Our jetty is situated just across Malmö Live block and Clarion Hotel & Congress.