Easy to enjoy, even easier to organize

Are you planning a day with fun activities in Malmö for an unaware bride or groom-to-be? Then a trip with an electric boat around the city centre should definitely be part of your schedule! And organizing your trip is as easy as placing a booking.


Create a songbook and bring a guitar, and share some beautiful tunes with the other boats out on the canal.

Want extra entertainment? Add our entertainer to your booking for a guaranteed mood boost onboard! You add this option when you place your booking.

No musician aboard? Link your mobile phone with your boat’s built-in Bluetooth speaker and perform some great canal-karaoke!

A boat with a quiet electric motor is appreciated by many, for example by tired feet paddling around a paddle boat. Why not offer a lift and get to know each other on the water?

Combine your trip with a visit to Teamtastic – a place just around te corner with a no of rooms with challenges. Solve the puzzles and build your team spirit.

Do you plan for a masquerade? Try a maritime theme! Everyone looks good in a sailor or pirate hat. Feel free to decorate the boat with balloons and serpentines to create an even more festive decor. Or make it really easy on yourself and add the option “Treasure chest” to your booking with gives you access to a lot of accessories to pimp both yourselves and the boat.

In case your crew needs to make a necessary pit stop, there are several places along the canal where you can moor the boat and visit a public toilet. Check the onboard map, or visit our interactive map with points of interest.

Feeling adventurous? There are water jets and water fountains here and there in the canal, how close do you dare to sail Be prepared for thrilling moments where you might get a bit wet!

Just like in road traffic, boats keep on the right hand side of the canal.

During high season we have a lot of bookings for bachelorette and bachelor parties, so don’t wait too long with your booking.

Food & drinks

Bubbly drinks come in many shapes and sizes, and contribute to the festivities aboard your bachelor’s / bachelorette’s boat.

A cheese plate is easy to organize and bring along.

Fruit like grapes or strawberries.

Candy! Because, hey. 

Bring a net or sturdy bag to hang from the side of the boat in case you need to cool cans or bottles in the water while you are out.



  • Fountain street
    The Fountain Street is a great place to test how good a captain the bride or groom is. Will they steer the boat steadily underneath the rays of water while keeping the crew dry? Note: do not keep any valuables or water-sensitive objects out in the open.
  • Jetty at Casino Cosmpol
    This pontoon jetty is a good place to stop in case someone needs to use the restroom. There are public toilets on the backside of the casino, just a minute away from the jetty.
  • Schougens bridge
    This bridge has a row of hooks underneath it, originally installed to quickly be able to attach dynamite and blow up the bridge if an enemy invades. But its recent use is of a more festive character: if you’ve opened a bottle of sparkling wine, hang the muselet (the wire cage that kept the cork in place) on one of the hooks, as a reminder to the other canal captains to enjoy life!