Taking a trip with BookaBoat is a breeze!

1. Book

You book your boat online for a certain day, time and trip length. A confirmation is sent by email.  15 minutes before your start time you’ll receive an SMS with a link to the boat’s start button, right in your own mobile.

2. Activate

Choose an available boat, put the plug in draining hole in the floor and pull out the power plug from the socket on the jetty. Equip your boat by borrowing cushions or life vests from the storage. Activate the boat by pressing the start button in your mobile and…

3. Head out & return

…you’re off! You move the boat forwards and backwards with the black gas lever and steer it with the big wooden rudder. A map is on board. When you return, you deactivate the boat again using your mobile. Plug the power plug back in and pull out the draining plug. Return any borrowed equipment and clean the boat for the next captain.


You can book as late as just a few minutes before your start time, provided there is a boat available. If you want to go out on a specific date and time, make sure to book longer ahead. Especially Saturdays are popular.

Do you want to extend your ongoing trip? If there is availability you will get a SMS message 30 minutes before your trip is about to end with a link to extend your booking. You can also chat or call us at any time.

Life vests and cushions

Life vests in different children’s and adults’ sizes are available from the storage at our dock, as well as seating cushions. The code to the combination locks on the storage boxes is in your confirmation email.

Are you a group that requires many life vests? Please notify us beforehand since we cannot guarantee availability of any number of life vests in a similar size.

Bag in the propeller

Try to steer clear of clearly visible plastic bags and similar floating stuff that could get stuck in the propeller. In case your boat unexpectedly slows down or the rudder starts shaking a little, something might have gotten stuck in the propeller. Put the boat in full reverse for 10 seconds, then move forward for 10 seconds. This will activate the bag shredder to cut the bag loose. Repeat a few times if necessary.

Rules & safety

Just like in road traffic, for your own and others’ safety and wellbeing, there are some rules to consider while out on the water:

  • Safety first, never take any risks.
  • No more than 12 people are allowed on board. If you are more than 12, book an additional boat.
  • Always drive starboard (on the right) and give way to boats coming from the right. Maintain a speed that does not bother other people on the water. The speed of the boats is limited to the maximum speed limit on the canals.
  • Always be clear in the direction you are driving. Approach corners and bridges in such a way that you are visible to fishermen and potential oncoming boats. Mind your head when driving under a bridge!
  • It’s prohibited to drive a boat when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Stay away from the restricted areas marked on the map. Sailing here can disturb freight traffic and cause danger.
  • It is not allowed to moor to trees, under or to bridges and wherever this is indicated by a prohibition sign.
  • There are people living next to the water. Don’t cause any unnecessary inconvenience such as loud noise.
  • You are not allowed to drive our boats out on the sea.

Haven’t found the information you were looking for? Check our FAQ!