He proposed from an electric boat – of course she said yes!

Frieri från elbåt i kanalen

We’re obviously aware that an electric boat trip on the canal can set a very romantic scene. But last week one of canal captains, Kenneth Neergaard, took it to another level by proposing to his girlfriend Sonja in a very creative way. A few weeks earlier he planted 90 geraniums in the city park in the shape of the words “Marry me”. After his elaborate preparation, last Saturday it was finally time to pop the question. Somewhat nervous, Kenneth steered one of our electric boats in the direction of the park. When the boat reached the flowerbed and Sonja understood what was happening, Kenneth didn’t have to wait long for an answer – of course she said yes!

Obviously Kenneths creativity did not go unnoticed in the media. If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one, consider doing it from an electric boat – we have a 100% track record!