An extraordinary experience!

After work, team building, kick-off or a client event – our canal experiences have quickly become a popular choice with companies and organisations. Flexible, entertaining and value for money. Choose one of the activity packages below or contact us to customize your canal experience.

All packages include…

  • A 90 minutes electric boat trip on Malmös canals
  • A fun and memorable experience
  • Happy employees, satisfied customers and improved partnerships
  • Payment by invoice after fulfilling your trip
  • No security deposit required to be paid upfront
  • An optimized number of boats based on the number of participants; 6 to 10 sailors per boat
  • Free cancellation up to 24h before the starting time
  • If cancelled later than 24h before starting, your booking can be used in full at another occasion.

Make your choice below and send us a reservation request. We usually get back to you the same day, and within 48 hours at the latest.

Our activity packages

Canal cruise

Our classic canal experience. Enjoy a unique experience on the canal as you and your crew board your own electric boat, and silently glide around the canals while spending quality time on board. Bring a picnic and some drinks. You can either sail yourselves or request an experienced guide to join you on each boat so you can learn all about the city and its historic centre.

Malmö Quiz Tour

Combine your tour around the canals with an entertaining and informative quiz. Every boat receives quiz materials and the sailors are challenged by questions about places you sail past. A great way to enjoy the historic city surroundings and have some light competition amongst the crew!

Malmö Canal Mystery

We’re proud to be able to present our Canal Mystery! Divided in several teams, you and your crew will follow in the footsteps of Frans Suell, a multi-talented icon of Malmö who is rumored to have left behind a treasure somewhere around the city’s canals. Every team is equipped with a suitcase full of clues and will compete against the other boats in being the first to unravel the mystery…


Treasure chest

Maximize the maritime atmosphere with all the festive props that our treasure chest has to offer. You can borrow pirate and sailor hats, a selection of boat flags, etc. A happy crew and fantastic photo collection are guaranteed!


30-60 minute trip extension

Extend the standard 90-minute length of your trip with some extra time on the waters. Suits perfectly e.g. when you want to combine an activity package with a stop along the way or to have some extra time for a picnic or some drinks on the water.

Boat delivery & pick-up

Perhaps it is more convenient not to leave from our jetty, or to be able to leave the boats in a different location – maybe right outside that restaurant where you plan to enjoy your team dinner. We can help you deliver your boat to a desired starting point, or pick them up from another location than our jetty at the end of your trip.

Kapten i Malmö


Our gallant and experienced canal captains take care of you during your entire tour – from helping you aboard until returning you safely to our dock. You don’t even have to drive the boat yourself. A popular choice for when you want to experience that VIP-feeling.

Så tycker de som redan provat

“-Vi hade en träff för alla våra återförsäljare och använde BookaBoats båtar. Grupperna i varje båt fick tillfälle att nätverka och se Malmö från sin bästa sida. I Kungsparken serverade vi bubbel och snacks på en av bryggorna. Ett mycket uppskattat arrangemang har vi fått höra från deltagarna efteråt!” /DUX

“-Medarbetaredagen blev helt fantastisk. Vi åkte runt på kanalen och vid de olika bryggorna varvade vi tävlingar med andra upptåg. Vi kommer definitivt att hitta på något liknande igen” /Stratiteq 

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