Tilltugg och festligheter

Birthday, anniversary, wedding or something else to celebrate? Give a great boating experience as a present!

Perfect as a present for someone who enjoys fun activities with company – and with some luck you’ll be invited as a co-sailor yourself.

How to order?

STEP 1: Fill out and send us the form below.

STEP 2: Pay the booking amount in one of the following ways:
– to our Swish number 1236033906
– to our Bankgiro account 398-2220 (or IBAN SE0480000821499442802030) with the description PRESENT and your name.
– with Visa or MasterCard, by placing a booking at random date and time (just remember to send in the form below as well). We’ll remove the booking and send the gift card, so the receiver can then book at their desired time.

STEP 3: There is no step 3. You’re done!


After receiving your payment we will get creative and then send you a nice gift card to your email inbox, that you can either print (in A4-size that you can fold in half) or email to the lucky recipient. This captain can then use the unique code on the card to book a boat without payment.

Please account for a couple of days from receipt of the payment until you will receive the gift card.

Are you in a last-minute gift crisis? Call us at  070-233 72 76 or mail at info@bookaboat.se and we’ll do our best to fix your gift card with shorter notice.

Gift card

Order your gift card

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