Birthday, anniversary, wedding or something else to celebrate? Give a great boating experience as a present!

Perfect as a gift for someone who enjoys fun activities with company – and with some luck you’ll be invited as a co-sailor yourself.

Follow the steps below to order your gift card. It will be sent by email to the lucky recipient, either directly or at a scheduled date so you can surprise them on their special day.

Gift cards are redeemed by using the code on the card in the gift card field when booking a boat here on our website. The code has no expiration date, so it can also be used e.g. next year.

There’s the choice between gift cards for our low season (April-May and September-October) and our peak season (June-August). It’s possible to redeem peak season gift cards during our low season, in that case we will return the price difference after the trip. If the receiver wants to redeem a low season gift card during high season, they can pay the price difference when placing the booking on our website.

Are you looking for a suitable gift for your employees or customers? You can order up to 30 gift cards at once and pay by card using the order form below. If you want to order gift cards in bulk and pay by invoice instead, send us an email at with your preferences.