With a BookaBoat membership, you have access to your own premium boat, whenever you like, right in the heart of Malmö. It’s like owning your own boat, but without all the cost and hassle of maintenance and equipment that come with ownership.

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A smarter choice

As a member,  you enjoy a number of convenient privileges. You receive a large discount on the hourly rate, and you will be able to change or cancel your booking by yourself, whenever you want, without any cost – even just before your booked departure time. You’ll also have priority in case of special events. In summary: a membership is just like owning your very own luxurious electric boat, but a lot more convenient. You don’t need to buy or maintain a boat yourself, or queue and pay a yearly fee for a spot at a city dock. You have access to your boat when you like, right in the middle of Malmö!

Reduced rates

BookaBoat members pay just half of the hourly rate (SEK 295 instead of SEK 590) for a boat trip. There’s a fixed membership fee of SEK 900 per year, or 149 per month. The boating season runs from April until October (7 months), so you don’t pay for the winter period when there’s no boating.

You can book against the reduced membership rate as soon as you’ve registered as a member using the form below.

Periodic overview

When you activate and deactivate your boat via our booking system, the start and end time of your trip is registered. Every other month, you receive a membership invoice with an overview of the trips you made during that period. Simple as that!

Hop on and off whenever you like

You can become a member or end your membership whenever you like during the year. Just take into account that we have a minimum membership period of 3 months, and a notice period of 1 month to end your membership. To end your membership, send us a written notification to info@bookaboat.se.

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